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Retail Rate Increase

To: Cass 2 Retail Water Patrons:

Whereas, at the September 8, 2022, monthly board meeting, the Board of Directors considered and unanimously agreed to pass on the annual rate increase from KCMO Water Services Department, and to a 5.0% rate increase to retail patrons.  The increase from KCMO for May 2022 is $0.19 per 1000 gallons.  The 5.0% rate increase is in addition to the increase from KCMO, and is required to fund annual replacement projects.  The 5.0% rate adjustment was discussed in the public meetings held in early 2022, prior to the April 5, 2022 bond election.  Retail rates have remained constant since 10/1/2016, excepting the annual cost of water adjustments from KCMO.  It is typical to examine and adjust retail rates as required, on a 5-year cycle.  This increase will become effective with any and all billings as of October 1, 2022.  For an average bill of 5,000 gallons, the revised rates would increase the monthly bill by $4.60 for a total annual increase of approximately $55.20.  See Table 1 below for the proposed rate structure.

Rate Structure

Current Rate Effective October 2018

Increase due to Increase in Cost of Water from KCMO

5 % Increase necessary to fund annual improvement projects

Retail Rate effective October 1, 2022

0 – 1000 gallons





1,001-6,000 gallons





6,001-10,000 gallons





10,001 and above






Please contact us at 816-331-7108, or email pwsd2Cass@gmail.com if you have any questions or require additional information on this increase.


Board of Directors, PWSD No. 2, CASS CO, MO